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Katarzyna Feiglewicz (born in Jordanów) lives and works in Krakow, Poland. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow with a major in Painting, mentored by Janusz Matuszewski. The main media Katarzyna applies in her artistic activity are painting and photography. Through her works, she attempts to recreate the relationship between the reality and its simulations, which, interlacing, create an ontologically ambiguous space as if suspended between dimensions. The starting point for that space is the symbolic language of a map – a universe of signs devoid of their referential character, that establishes a dialog with the landscape’s representations.


2022-              Phd, Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow

2009-2014      Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow

2012-2013       Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Cracow

2008-2009     History of Art, Jagiellonian University, Cracow


The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship 2023

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship 2020

Creative scholarship of the city of Cracow 2020

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship 2019

Award of BWA Gallery in Zielona Góra

Honorable Mention, Fresh blood, IV Young Art Review

Finalist, 45. Painting Biennale Bielska Jesień, 2021


Finalist, Photographic Memory Competition, 2021

Finalist, F. Eibish Competition 2019

Finalist, Potok Sztuki, I Young Art Review

Finalist, Ale sztuka! Painting Competition

Finalist, Promotions, Young Art Review


2015 – Fljótstunga Residency, Iceland


2019 – Widzę ludzi, bo gdy chodzą, dostrzegam ich niby drzewa, Zielona 13 Gallery, Łódź, PL

2016 – Ujawnione, BWA, Zielona Góra, PL

2013 –  Pejzaż, theGreenroom Gallery, Kraków, PL


2023 – Tip of my tongue, Pola Magnetyczne Gallery, Warszawa, PL

2023 – Biennale Sztuki 47. Salon Zimowy, CSW Elektrownia, Rzeszów, PL

2022 – Polska/Polskość/Polactwo. ARTzona, Kraków, PL

2021 – 45. Painting Biennale Bielska Jesień, BWA, Bielsko Biała, PL

2021 – PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, Galeria ASP, MOS, Kraków, PL

2019 – F. Eibish Competition, Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery, Warszawa, PL

2019 – Floating City, Cracow Art Week KRAKERS, Sarego 10, Kraków, PL

2018 – URL/IRL LOVE, Muddy Yard Space, London, GB

2016 – Potok Sztuki, I Pomorskie Biennale Sztuki Młodych, Sopot Centrum, Sopot, PL

2016 – Presence and nature, Biblioteca Viva Egaña, Santiago, CL

2015 – Fljótstunga Open House, Fljótstunga, IS

2015 – Post. Obraz dyscypliny, Socato Gallery, Wrocław, PL

2015 – Ale sztuka!, CSW Solvay, Kraków, PL

2014 – Promocje, Young Art Review, Legnica, PL

2014 – Fresh blood, IV Young Art Review, Wrocław, PL

2014 – The Best Diplomas 2014, The Palace of Fine Arts, Kraków, PL

2014 – Niezła Sztuka, exhibition of the best diplomas 2014, Bronowice Gallery of Art, Kraków, PL

2014 – Nietutejsi, Strefa Chwały Festival, Centre of J. Paul II, Stary Sącz, PL

2014 – AUTO-PREZENTACJA, Stone-Pit Gallery, Kraków, PL

2013 – Verbindung - Powiązania, Galerie QQArt, Hilden, DE

2013 – courtYARDsale, Krakers Gallery Weekend, Kraków, PL

2013 – Wiary godny, Strefa Chwały Festival, Jamna, PL

2011 – Graphic scores I, Pauza Club, Kraków, PL

2011 – Graphic scores II, Czeczów Manor House, Kraków, PL

2011 – Ziębicki Plener, Museum of Ziębice, Ziębice, PL

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