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Within the project, I used three texts referring to love, describing it as something beautiful but also focusing on its difficulties.
Texts used in the project:
Hymn of Love / The Bible
Sonnet 116 / William Shakespeare
Love at First Sight / Wisława Szymborska

Texts indicated above were transformed — by an online converter — into a binary code. Afterward, „0” and „1” structures became replaced with graphic elements thus, becoming the main material for the artwork. The graphic sign I considered to use is a form remaining a pill.
In this project, the pill is understood as something similar to „condensed dopamine”, which makes people happy and full of joy.
Colors of pill-like elements are referring to social media icons:
graphic no.1: „0” — white, „1” — blue (Facebook) graphic no. 2: „0” — white, „1” — pink (Instagram, Tinder) graphic no. 3: „0” — white, „1” — yellow (Snapchat). 
The intention of „pill-structured” texts is to focus on the phenomenon of simplified subtle, complicated emotions and spiritual states as well as the reduction to a duality of dislike/like, „0” and „1”.

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